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Copenhagen Airports

Find out how Valtech reimagined Copenhagen Airport's customer journey

We reimagine travel and hospitality experiences from departure to arrival. 


The Travel & Hospitality industry has been undergoing rapid change in recent years. IT and Marketing are merging, as consumers increasingly want access to data that lives in IT systems.  For Travel & Hospitality companies, this means more information on flight statuses, baggage statuses, future and past reservation details, as well as loyalty reward data. The race to digital innovation has begun, with innovations such as NFC keyless entry for rooms, onboard video streaming on BOYD, and onboard Wi-Fi turning the cabin into an in-flight office.

The new role of IT: Marketing support.

Valtech has been at the forefront of this innovation since 1993. We have the ability to bring IT and Marketing together, under one roof.  We have experience working on back end IT systems, building the services layer that opens that data up to marketing, and then building the marketing customer experience.  In addition, our industry strategists can build your digital marketing roadmap that will define the most impactful customer experience. Take a look at these travel companies that trusted us with their business:

Key Offerings in Travel & Hospitality: 

  • Patented technologies that enhance standard beacons with the ability to track premium passengers and guests, enable enhanced personalization and improve airport and hotel maintenance activities
  • Video streaming services for in-room or in-air
  • 360° customer-centric view of acquisition, engagement, and retention
  • Centralized content management system for hundreds of digital touch points – kiosks, mobile, desktop, etc. managing in one place, in multiple languages, and syndicating across platforms
  • Personalization and target marketing based on customer profile data and customer segmentation
  • Campaign management across email, in app notifications, offline mailings etc.
  • Integrations with 3rd party partnerships
  • IT support that can help integrate across existing platforms and to build a services layer connecting systems together

A Trusted Partner in Travel:

Our expertise in Travel and Hospitality is helping us build industry specific strategies with our partners.  We have ongoing initiatives with Hybris and Adobe to create additional industry insight and research and long-term relationships with several travel powerhouses.