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 New technology, consumer and patient expectations have disrupted the healthcare industry. With no signs of slowing, healthcare providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies are challenged to lower patient costs while increasing accessibility and operational efficiency – all at the same time.

Healthcare professionals must develop a deeper understanding of consumer and patient needs to adapt to the challenges brought on by the widespread consumerism in healthtech. Today's consumers are increasingly focused on prevention and their desire to be in the "driver's seat" when it comes to their own health. With the right digital strategies, healthcare players can profoundly transform how healthcare is provided. 

In the future, those winning enterprises will be user centric, welcome healthtech innovation and be agile. Whatever its form – the cloud, wearable technology, mobile apps, direct messaging or even a technology that does not yet exist (e.g. 3D printed organs), digital will be the primary channel for engaging stakeholders.  

At Valtech, we recognize the challenges of the imminent technology disruption in healthcare, and that is why we formed a dedicated Healthcare vertical within the Valtech group to better serve our clients.  Our teams work hard to help clients meet market demands, balancing the delicate interplay between digital and human to engineer the most innovative experiences.

Valtech Healthcare delivers value to clients throughout the digital transformation process: from strategic consulting to design, concept development and optimization of business-critical solutions. Through best practice and compliant processes, as well as a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical and healthcare regulatory environment, Valtech Healthcare collaborates closely with clients to identify digital opportunities that will address their client-specific stakeholder needs and engagement preferences.

We support our client’s business to create meaningful digital interactions at a global and local level.  At the heart of our engagement, we anchor data-driven digital strategies and tactics that will positively impact the market, and that will deliver a concrete return on investment.

In the past few years Valtech has helped transform some of the top healthcare companies, including three of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies in the world, to design and build: 

  • Consistent global digital solutions and tools for HCPs, patients and payers
  • Patient and HCP support programs at both the global and local level
  • Synergic digital ecosystems 
  • Replicable and customizable programs for internal communication
  • Customer-centric lead acquisition engines
  • Applied data for digital optimization 
  • Robust infrastructure to support new omnichannel platforms


Key Offerings in Healthcare:


  • Consulting Services (domain expert consultants)
  • Digital Services (core digital platform, product websites, HCP portals and tools, events portals, patient tools, marketing and analytics, CLM/CRM integration)
  • Industry-Specific Programs (internal and external stakeholder communication, corporate communication, disease awareness, patient support, KOL engagement)


Key Technology Partners


Life Sciences Specific Partnership:



Valtech Healthcare in Denmark is a level 4 certified Veeva agency.


A Trusted Partner in Healthcare


Today’s customer experience in healthcare transcends product, marketing, technology, commerce and innovation. It is complex, requires a vast range of capabilities to execute and relies heavily on technical integration. That is precisely why Valtech Healthcare brings strong technology acumen to the table to support our clients in achieving their business objectives, using any of their preferred platforms, and we do this through strong partnerships.