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and powerful end-user experiences in the Media & Entertainment Industry


There are three major upheavals happening right now in the media & entertainment industry: the entire ecosystem is being redefined, the technology is quickly evolving, and there is a fundamental shift in how people consume and interact with their favorite media, brands and other sources of information and entertainment.  Keeping ahead of these major changes can be daunting, but with an experienced partner on your side, not only can you navigate these changes but you can thrive in this increasingly competitive landscape.

At Valtech, we bring World Class domain expertise within the media & entertainment industry and provide the strategy, design, technology and platforms necessary to succeed. Our goal is to maximize your revenues by providing the best engineered experiences around your content or on any device you want to distribute your content on.

We've worked with major media brands to design and build:

  • End-to-end OTT platform integrations
  • Media grade internet television platforms
  • Hypermedia APIs to support entertainment across computers, mobile and games consoles
  • On-line audience participation services
  • Payment and royalty calculation systems, to support micro-transactions on digital devices
  • Audience data and marketing intelligence dashboards
  • Digital magazines and newspapers

Media Logos  

Key Offerings in Media & Entertainment:


  • Consulting Services (domain expert consultants)
  • Digital Services (UX, App and Agile and development for media companies with focus around end user experience)
  • Digital Services – Media for Brands (help brands use media to communicate the experience around their brand)
  • Ready4Air(R4A) OTT Framework (Extensible framework of core components required to build and operate OTT applications)


Key Technology Partners


In order to create the best digital experiences and solutions for our clients, we have sought out and aligned with world-class technology partners:

Adobe Primetime

The “TV Everywhere Platform”.  Adobe Primetime is a multiscreen TV platform that helps broadcasters, cable networks and service providers create and monetize engaging, personalized viewing experiences.  Paired with Valtech’s Ready4Air, Primetime is a complete, robust end-to-end OTT solution. 


The Video Platform, by Comcast, is a video asset management and workflow system.  It is the most successful multiplatform distribution and monetization product in the industry.

You.i Logo

The App Experience Platform whose radical and innovative approach is disrupting the industry.  With the You.i platform you can easily build stunning, multi-screen video apps that turn TV viewers into users, buyers and fans.

Ready4Air Logo

Ready4Air is a hyper connected VOD service gateway.  It allows you to build rich TV apps faster than ever before using Ready4Air’s blazing fast APIs, while reducing time to market and development cost.


A Trusted Partner in Media


Over the last 10 years, Valtech has been trusted to deliver groundbreaking digital innovations for national broadcasters and global media companies around the world.

We combine creative, technology and data skills to conceive, design and implement new products. We operate Agile delivery methods, which is a minimum standard for companies who are launching new products, where incremental delivery is vital to both commercial success and also to manage delivery risk and uncertainty.