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Closing the retail experience gap through seamless digital experiences.

Marc O'Polo

Flexible and agile fashion

We aim to make technology invisible to the customer, creating beautiful, seamless experiences which surpass their expectations and anticipate their needs.


With advancements in newer technologies, data science and analytics, the way we interact with brands is becoming much less contrived. Future commerce will be fully conversational, omnipresent and seamless – it will feel natural.

Here are some of the trends transforming retail and commerce:

  • Widespread consumer adoption of wearables and interest in AR/VR experiences
  • Advancements in natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to accurately respond to verbal or written commands (supporting conversational commerce, chat bots)
  • Greater sophistication of context-aware systems that deliver intelligent notifications across devices and interfaces
  • Developments in data science to create unprecedented operational efficiency and personalization

Our teams of retail experts, data scientists, designers and developers help brands take the right approach and make smarter decisions. We enable our clients to unlock the hidden potential of their data, all underpinned by Agile methodology. We aim to make technology invisible to the customer, creating beautiful, seamless experiences.

In this context, customers’ shopping journeys start at any time and from anywhere; stores are not necessarily the center of the retail experience. This has allowed Amazon, even without physical stores, to become the world's second largest retailer. Barriers to entry in eCommerce are decreasing; shopping journeys now predominantly start online and finish with high performance, third-party fulfillment and last mile delivery at low cost. In parallel, technologies that significantly improve in-store experiences are approaching maturity (e.g. Internet of Things, staff empowerment through phablets and virtual stores such as Audi city).

The next five years will bring more change to retail than the past 50 years combined.

Investments in data democratization and analytics will continue increasing for retailers, especially as location tracking devices (e.g., automobiles, wearables, smartphones, etc.), provide more opportunities for customer segmentation using spatial analysis. According to Forrester, “deriving insights from contextual customer data from mobile and other internet-of-things (IoT) devices will become mainstream in 2017.” Yet the vast majority of retailers still struggle with data integrity, consolidation and accessibility. Finding the right partner is often the most cost effective and agile way to remain competitive in a progressively changing market. 

In the past few years, Valtech has helped transform some of the top retailers, including three of the top 10 fashion luxury brands in the world, to design and build:

  • Unified digital solutions for retailers
  • Customer-facing visualization applications 
  • Innovative omni-channel customer experiences 

Our clients include luxury retailers, athletic and apparel retailers, B2C and B2B e-tailers, specialty retailers, automotive retailers, grocers and hotels.

Key Offerings in Retail & Luxury:


  • Consulting Services (domain expert consultants)
  • Digital Services (eCommerce implementation, platform integration, website optimization support, creative design, mobility solutions)
  • Data Science (supply chain optimization, machine learning, data visualization)
  • Immersive Experience Solutions (AR/VR)
  • Customer Experience Management (optimization of customer responsive platforms, end-user experience) 


A Trusted Partner in Retail 

Valtech understands the challenges retailers face in this digital era, and that is why we focus on helping companies design and implement engineered experiences.
We work together with clients throughout the entire digital transformation process, from strategic consulting to re-designing the customer experience both online and in store. This re-design includes concept development and optimization of business critical digital platforms, which we call our Customer Responsive Platform.

Together, we incorporate multiple emotional and rational touchpoints to transform the shopping experience.

Phygical (Physical + Digital)

Valtech is very active on mainstream PHYGICAL virtuous solutions (PHYSICAL+DIGITAL) to solve real business problem for retail… Valtech teams are really honored to have participated in 2017 to this Decathlon business focused innovation for its customers… Being able to really visit in VR the large range of Decathlon family tents, zoom on numerous material details, is a win/win for customers-users and the retailer…as these family tents take too much space to be installed and available in most of the stores…