Transforming cars into connected experiences.


How Audi reached an audience that does not often visit traditional car dealerships

We have re-established the role of the automotive in the connected network of the modern-day consumer. 


The automobile has been, and continues to be, our primary means of transportation in the modern age. However, today's consumer expects more. More information. More protection. More entertainment. Today’s consumer expects to be able to communicate with the connected world at any given time, in any given place. Now, more than ever, the consumer expects their car to be a part of this connected world. As a result, the automotive sector, where IT has long played a central role, is undergoing a structural change with rapid innovation cycles and new business models.  

The new IT role: From system partner to product manufacturing.

So far, it has been a question of developing vehicle features with other online features. Now it is important to develop customer-oriented, digital business models with real value for the user.

Time-to-market, flexibility and innovative service models are key factors here, where the IT remains a holistic, advisory and developing product manufacturer that delivers new business models from a single source. Valtech has the capabilities to bring your business through the entire cycle. 

Take a look at these travel companies that trusted us with their business:

Automotive Industry Partners

Key Offerings in Automotive

  • Orchestration, integration and evolution: Full service agency with holistic approach.
  • Product definition -- with many years of know-how in the area of Connected Car, Mobility, Autonomous Driving, Big Data & Analytics, Digital Sales.
  • Agile product development processes: from portfolio management to product planning to implementation.
  • Interdisciplinary teams with in-depth expertise in marketing, technology and agile process management.
  • Iterative product optimization according to customer and yield feedback
  • Managed service approach: with Dev-ops approaches for the complete provision of premium services
  • Innovative and excellence claim: Institutionalized capacities for exploratory business development and the development of experiential prototypes
  • Rapid development cycles through agile managed service approach and rapid prototyping
  • Integration of infrastructure and business partners
  • Enablement to sell, activate and use services.
  • Realization of rollouts in the markets.

A Trusted Partner in Auto:

The new star of the automobile industry is no longer the car: It is the customer. There is a new species of consumer upon us. One who doesn’t not want to buy a product, but would rather have a coherent mobile ecosystem. This is what Valtech has been working on for 18+ years. Hand in hand with the central IT, the product development and the distribution of the customer. This is why Valtech has established itself as a central partner for the digital transformation of the automotive industry.